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Free business Debt Helpline Advice

Business Debt Helpline

Knowing the impact that personal debt can have on us, ours family and our own life can be overwhelming at times but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Free Debt Helpline strive to help people find debt solutions to solve their current debt situation and start the journey to a debt free future.

We are a free service for you to use, and whatever the nature of your debt problem is we can help you. We can help you with credit card debt, personal loan arrears, mortgage debt, rent arrears and what to do if you fall behind with bills like water bills, energy bills council tax and more. When looking for a solution to deal with our debts, look at what would be the most affordable and suitable option for you.

Free Debt Helpline Advice

Bailiff Advice

Firstly if you are struggling to keep up with debt repayments or have failed to pay debts you owe, you may be threatened with bailiff action. Get some free debt advice on the with Free Debt Helpline.

Creditor Arrears

Being behind with payments or Just needing some space to take control of your finances can be challenging. We can help you deal with your debt and find for you the right solution to become a debt free.

CCJ Debt Advice

You may get a county court judgment or high court judgment if someone takes court action against you (saying you owe them money) and you haven't responded. If you've had a default notice stay in get in touch.

Debt Collectors

If you have defaulted on any of your debts and can't able to pay, you may start to hear from debt collectors. for some people this can feel intimidating,although really it's just a stage of losing control paying your debts.

Start Becoming Debt Free

Get free debt help & advice from the Free Debt Helpline.

Free Debt Advice

We can help you become debt free so you can get your life back on track.

debt management

Money Management

Get free help from us with the process of budgeting,saving and how to spend and budget money wiser.

Debt Solutions

Debt Solutions

There are various options that exist we can help with to deal with debt, and how to overcome debt problems.

What Free Debt Helpline Can Do

Clear Up To 70% Of Debt

Take advantage of this help scheme and write off up to 70% of debt.

Free Debt Advice

Help with personal debt and free advice on practical debt solutions.

Help Managing debt

Getting help managing debt can be a lifeline and to many people a savior.

Debt Collection Recovery

Being in arrears usually starts to attract debt collectors and more debt.

Stop Interest & charges

Freeze interest & charges on debts, and make you easier to repay.

Debt relief options

if you unable to repay their debts may qualify for debt relief help and advice.

Debt repayment plans

Take back control over your debt and plan the way to become debt free.

Bailiff solutions

Expert advice on how to deal with bailiffs and help managing debt.

Consolidating debt

Put all of your debts into one monthly payment and start consolidating today.

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DMP (Debt Management Plan)

Debt Management Plans are available across the UK although people don’t take advantage of them. So regardless of where you live in the UK, if you’ve struggled to keep up with repayments to your debts, a debt management plan may help get everything in order, therefore making things that little bit more manageable to help ease stress over any debt problems.


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Bankruptcy is a big decision people make, but it can be a way of clearing debts people aren’t able to pay back. Going bankrupt can help you get out of debt that would otherwise take years to clear, but it can have serious implications for your financial future.

IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a formal and legally-binding agreement between you and your creditors to pay back your debts. This is agreed over a period of time and any remaining debt after this is written off. Insolvency practitioners deal with the creditors throughout the IVA so you don’t have to either.


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DRO (Debt Relief Order)

A debt relief order can be a low cost alternative to bankruptcy but it’s only available to a certain criteria. If your debt level is over a certain amount, and you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland then there is a chance you may qualify for a dro Furthermore if you agree not to pay your debts for 12 months, the debt is written of after the 12 months.

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Have Questions?

I have received a CCJ what should i do?

If you don’t reply to court documents the courts will issue a default judgement on you. The first thing you should do if you’ve received a county court judgement (CCJ) is find out what the debt is for, and contact them to try and pay the debt back at an realistic affordable rate. If you want free advice on this, feel free to get in touch with us and we can try and resolve the matter sooner rather than later.

Whats the difference between bailiffs and debt collectors?

Firstly the important thing to know here is that debt collectors don’t have any extra legal powers to collect a debt, whereas a bailiff does. Bailiffs have the legal right to visit your property, and to remove and sell your goods to pay off a debt. With that being said a debt collector doesn’t have the same sort of power they are there simply to remind you to pay the debt.

How do i deal with bailiffs?

Bailiffs are only allowed to force their way into your home to collect unpaid criminal fines, Income Tax or Stamp Duty debts but only as a last resort. If you don’t let a bailiff in your home or agree to pay them, they could take assets from outside your home if they belong to you. If you require any further details on your circumstance you can contact us for a free consultation or fill out our online form.

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